1. Valid form of Govt issued photo ID for example Driver license, Passport etc, and Insurance card must be presented at the time of visit.
  2. If your insurance requires a referral from your PCP, it is the patient’s responsibility to get that otherwise the insurance may not pay and the patient will be responsible for the bill.
  3. We require a 24 hour notice for appointment cancellation- failure to do so will result in $35 fee charge.
  4. Initial visit can take up to 1-2 hours . Please arrive on time. Failure to arrive on time may result in postponement of the visit.
  5. We do not accept checks.
  6. There is a 5% charge if using credit or debit card for payment.
  7. All prior balance and copay, coinsurance is due before the visit.
  8. Failure to pay your balance after 60 days will result in an extra 10% late fee charge.
  9. Failure to pay your balance after 90 days may result in your account being sent to collection agency and automatic dismissal from the practice.