RSD of Arms or Legs

ReFlex sympathetic dystrophy, also known as complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), is an uncommon disorder where patient has unusual and unexplained pain and discomfort. It often involves one Arm or Leg. The exact cause is unknown. RSD of Arms or Legs can occur after a minor injury or a severe trauma or surgery. Patient can have intense burning or shooting pain redness or swelling of the skin changes in skin temperature, sweating, texture changes injection of nails and hair. In severe cases, patients may lose the use of the limb and have atrophy of the muscles and even bone abnormalities. Treatment of RSD of Arms or Legs is often difficult and involves variety of medications, special types of injections, physical therapy techniques and neurostimulation. Nevertheless, the specialists at Integrative Pain Clinic are always there for you if you are one of the sufferers and want to get relief from it. Contact us for all your queries and symptoms related to RSD of Arms or Legs.